The club runs on the philosophy that training a dog should continue for the life of the dog and we therefore take you on a journey whatever the age or ability of your dog.

Puppy training classes can be beneficial, but we believe that without continuing that training into adulthood, dogs can develop bad habits and behaviours that can be difficult to manage later in the dog's life.

The Haughton Green Dog Training Club provides members with a community environment to motivate and encourage owners to train regularly.

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." 
Edward Hoagland

The beginners group is for younger puppies and those dogs and their humans with little training experience. The group aims to deliver knowledge of canine behaviour alongside introducing some basic commands. It will teach you how to interact with your dog and learn how to identify problem areas that may need attention as well as helping you to become more aware of your dog's temperament with regards to humans, dogs and objects.


Intermediate members are those who have some knowledge of canine behaviour and training or have advanced from the beginners group. In this group we aim to expand your own knowledge and introduce more demanding exercises and tasks for you and your dog to undertake.


Advanced is where things get challenging! By this point your knowledge should have developed along with a healthy human-dog relationship. We will work with you to keep your best friend's mind engaged with activities, tasks, tricks and play alongside maintaining the basic skills you both learned earlier in your training.


Socialisation is not simply about allowing a dog to play with other dogs, but involves the interactions between dogs, humans and the response to other external stimuli such as vacuum cleaners, cars, fireworks and much more. During socialisation classes we try to introduce dogs to as many of the sounds, sights and smells that they may come across in real life and guide both of you in responding to those stimuli.

All Dogs

When all dogs from all groups come together the activities we undertake need to reflect the varied degrees of experience and ability. We will guide all members in many aspects of dog care, including health checks, going to the vet, dealing with sickness or injury, problem solving and it gives a fantastic opportunity for members to give advice to each other should they have already had to overcome a hurdle of a similar nature. We also hope to be able to introduce some exciting new features so watch this space!